Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Costa Rica Report

Long Range Planning Committee Report On Costa Rica  By Ronald B. Casselberry, MD

The weather in Costa Rica was great despite the national weather forecast of rain. Pura Vida Spa was a great choice for our first retreat for our meeting. It is nestled in the mountains 20 minutes from the San Juan International Airport. The grounds were well maintained, safe and secure. The staff was helpful and spoke English and Spanish. They have accommodations for just about any budget. The dining facility was an abundant buffet of tasty vegetarian fare with either fish or chicken with breakfast and dinner. The coffee, which was local, had such a robust flavor. There were fresh juices to complement the meals and even local beer and wine. Yoga sessions were 90 minutes twice a day. There was plenty of time for treatments from various massages or just relaxing in the pool or Jacuzzi. 

Most daily excursions were planned for half a day. After breakfast we would leave and be back in time for lunch. Our guide, Marko, was great. He would tell us what to expect from the tour. All guides undergo training but it was interesting that he learned English watching “Seinfeld”. He was quite funny as he told us stories about local customs. He said most people in Costa Rica look forward to the holidays to party because most cannot afford presents. He also said it was a law that people get a Christmas bonus every December 18th.  Excursions included the waterfall, the canopy tour, the volcano and some others.  For me it was great bonding and learning from one another.

Our first meeting as a group set up the structure and parameters for our learning and we reacquainted ourselves with one another. Day two we discussed “Treating the Impossible.” Lymes was a great example. We all had an opportunity to share our experiences during that presentation. We discussed assessments and treatments as well as the impact it has on patients’ lives.  Day three’s topic was “Instant Therapeutic Response.”  Each practitioner contributed something that is used in their practice.  Dave explained how Dr. Faber’s book “Lightning Reaction” has had a tremendous affect on his practice with neural therapy.  Chas, Jeanette and Michelle stressed the importance of the elimination diet, tracking temperatures, urine pH blood type diet and food sensitivity testing. Ellie shared the Emotional Freedom Technique before and after our meetings. With the session “The Gut”, it was hands down regarding the benefits of probiotics and digestive stool analysis. There was plenty of discussion regarding thermography, HCG and weight loss and even techniques for grounding.

The IMosaic is this spring. We are grateful to have such a  collaboration every other year. This fall is “Treating the Impossible” in Dearborn, MI. Spring of 2012 is “The Gut” in Lexington, KY. In the fall of 2012 we will be in Cleveland, OH. The topic is hormones, though we’re still thinking of a good title.  Dr. Todd Pesek and I are co-chairing. I am already getting suggestions for speakers and topics.

I feel that the Pura Vida Spa was a great experience to connect within ourselves, meet and share with our colleagues. I would like to recommend a retreat every other year.

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