Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Letter from a Member

A Returning ICIM member says... "why"

"Below is the paragraph describing the main attributes that draw me to
integrative medicine and why being a member of ICIM is important to me.

The attributes that draw me to integrative medicine are:
1.  Integrative medicine works!
2.  Integrative medicine is a safe and scientifically sound approach to
health care and fits well with my oath as a physician to "do no harm" and
to be a teacher and guide to my patients.
3.  Integrative medicine blends well with my personal philosophy and the
philosophy of my osteopathic education in that it promotes the
self-healing capacity of the body.
4.  Integrative medicine also gives me more options, especially when
treating difficult or resistant cases.
5.  Integrative medicine addresses the holistic approach to healing in
that it pulls together the physical aspects of nutritional, exercise and other
lifestyle changes as well as the spiritual and mental side of healthcare.
6.  Integrative medicine allows me to practice real medicine that
actually uses real preventive health care in patients.
7.  Integrative medicine helps me to develop a working relationship with
my patients that fosters true health improvements and uses the latest
natural and holistic approaches to maintain the maximum health potential 
for each individual patient.
8.  And last but not least, integrative medicine allows me to be part of
the advancement of the medical field by using all of the above attributes in
my practice on a daily basis.

Being a member of a group like ICIM is important to me because it
provides the resources and support in my quest to be the best natural and 
holistic physician and healer that I can be.   ICIM is a wonderful resource for
education, moral support, political clout and allows me to be part of a 
group with high standards, moral values and integrity."

 Ann M. Auburn, D.O.
 Family Practitioner, re-joining ICIM

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