Tuesday, April 22, 2014

“Innovation! Meeting Today’s Medical Challenges," 2013

At ICIM’s October meeting, “Innovation! Meeting Today’s Medical Challenges” in Columbus, Ohio, there will be an emphasis on the history and future of immunotherapy. Lectures will focus on the application of clinical immunology in a family practice setting, the role of vaccines in the immune system, and winning the war against cancer. As we explore primary care oncology in the US, we will learn about innovative tools and recent breakthroughs in conventional oncology, as well as clinical evidence and observations about the outcomes of integrative therapies.

Another emphasis of the meeting will be on Neurology, which will lead attendees to a greater understanding of the effects of clinical neuroscience on behavioral medicine. Specifically, we will hear several lectures on the neurochemistry of Alzheimer ’s disease and the interface between gastroenterology and neuropsychiatry.

For 30 years, ICIM has provided continuing medical education and mentoring relationships to its members and attendees. This exposure to today’s most innovative scientific research has inspired doctors to return to their integrative medical practices with new enthusiasm. By changing the way we “do” medicine, we can change lives and, eventually, change the world.

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