Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A few comments from our meeting "Innovation!" in Columbus, Oh

Did the CME activity provide a balanced, scientifically rigorous presentation of therapeutic options related to the topic without commercial bias?
"excellent presentationd by dedicated clinicians that have opened up therapeutic options for my patients"

Impact CME activity may have on your practice?
New thoughts on old subjects
Current data very useful to give to patients -especially those asking for research behind tx, lab and neutriceuticals
I have listed 30 ways I want to do things differently
Improve it!
New ideas for complex patients
provided the studies as to why we use certain nutriceuticals for cancer patients
It has clarified some controversial issues and will help me improve my practice

Favorite speaker?
Tom O'Bryan (x3)
               -Confirmed what I already do and gave me added data
               -Needs 1/2 day session
               -huge clinical implications and relevance
               -LOADED in scientific research
Sherri Tenpenny DO (x7)
Joe Hickey (x7)
               -enthusiastic, knowledgeable (yet obviously still learning!)
               -beautifully illustrated the impact of toxic metals
               -reminding me how important Pb and Hg in the brain
               -Support for toxic metals
               -importance of metals in neuro
               -Topic! learned about some things such as the broken bones precipitating cognative decline
               -Enthusiastic and quality presentation
               -bold practice ideas
               -excellent, enthusiastic
Ken Stoller (x4)
               - those pictures of the brain
               -FUNNY while still getting his point across
               -good presentation
               -his manner, easy to follow
               -funny, engaging, good material, and power point info
Donese Worden (x2)
               -excellent exploration of a new frontier
               -great info, great speaker
Stoff (x4)
               -great info on complex system
               -amazing in establishing easy to understand principles to follow
               -very practical info and good science

This meeting compared to previous ones?
Better each time, a great practitioners conference, enough science with a lot of practical clinical material
Compares well, the quality of the speeches and the topics discussed continue to be excellent and topical
Your program continues to improve

How is ICIM different from other meetings?
It deals with subjects that mainstream medicine struggles with or sometimes ignores
the friendship, innovation, and knowledge, the love, connection, and acceptance
home-spun feel, real authentic
more "daring" and international
colleagues and speakers are all "in the trenches"- doing this important work- thank you!
Friendly, doctors who have a passion for wht they do, exciting functional med info with inclusion of energy medicine, etc. the best food!! :)
more time for interaction, more openness between attendees and exhibitors and speakers
Wendy- well organized for fun, friendly environment overflowing with ideas that are practical.

What is your most pressing issue or challenge?
Costs- insurance reimbursement
focusing on the best therapies for each patient
Pressure from the state board
Getting more patients to know we are there!
Marketing, the concepts
None: I was more stressed and challenged attempting to be a round peg in a square box in conventional praactice, now I am free to practice the way I was intended <3 o:p="">
Patients DON'T have the MONEY for testing or "appropriate" treatments

Please keep up the excellent work
Rick Mason brought together an amazing team of experts to tantalize us with their (something), Thank you!

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