Monday, June 10, 2013

Sex Lies and Hormones CME Conference in Cleveland Sept 19-23

Hormones affect how we think and act, and they make us look and feel good. However, hormones are not straightforward. The experience of symptom and treatment flows and varies in each person’s experience.
“We’re not going to dumb this down or take a prescriptive approach,” says  Program Chairman Ron Casselberry MD, “our goal with this meeting is to provide detailed scientific evidence and energetic debate in an effort to explore this fascinating dynamic. We will study hormones like you have never seen the topic approached- as they engage every system of the body, and every modality of healing. Hormone treatment is like jazz, with so many factors, so much improvisation, all within the amazing structure of the human body.”
Sex, Lies, and Hormones will gather together a fantastic array of speakers. From Robert Anderson MD on Psychoneuroendocrinology, Ty Vincent MD on testosterone treatment for men, Marianne Marchese ND on PCOS, Arden Anderson MD on the effect of the genetically modified food industry, Ken Stoller MD on Oxytocin, James Wilson DC ND PhD on adrenal fatigue and xenoestrogen, Robban Sica MD on women’s health, to a detailed discussion on BHRT with Malcolm Sickels MD, Holly Lucille ND RN and Allan Warschowski MD. This medical meeting for physicians offers 15.5 hours of Category I CME credit.

Two Lead-in workshops and the ICIM IV Infusionist program will add detail and depth to the Cleveland event. Lisa Everett, R.Ph.  FACA, CCN will present a primer on the most up to date issues and best practices in natural hormone treatment in her two day workshop It’s Complicated: Improving Clinical Outcomes of BHRT in Men and Women. 
David Getoff CCN is a long-time ICIM Member and Executive Director of the Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation. He will be leading the workshop Cellular & Whole Body Detoxification Made Simple: How to properly support your patients’ detoxification systems and then safely reduce their body burden of hundreds of disease producing toxic chemicals and metals.
 And, ICIM’s signature training seminar for integrative office staff will happen as a concurrent program to the Main Congress.Basic Intravenous Therapy Course For The Office-Based Infusionist will prepare any nurse or technician to administer chelation and other IVs safely and knowledgably. This course includes a certification test.

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