Monday, November 19, 2012

Message from President Ronald Casselberry MD

As we approach this Thanksgiving Holiday, I want to share my appreciation for being elected to serve as president of ICIM. It's been 30 years already since our founding when we were originally named The Great Lakes College of Clinical Medicine to serve the needs of physicians like us in the Great Lakes region. Today, we've members that are from far greater places in this world and we continue to be a haven for CAM physicians to learn and share ideas and practices that impact our patients’ lives.

Recently the TACT trial has shown some benefits of chelation as safe and effective therapy for heart and vascular patients. It's about time but, it is a significant beginning.

This is a great era for continued growth and expansion. We have over 130 members, and growing. I am happy to see senior doctors nurturing successors. Others are bringing in associate physicians and some are utilizing physician extenders. Then there is an increasing number of young physicians in our networks just putting out their IM shingle. We are providing sustainable goods, services and jobs for our communities.

We have the upcoming conference this spring with Conrad as our chair. Richard Plumb will direct our advanced metals lead-in followed by Yin/Yang: The Marriage Between Conventional and Innovative Medicine .While in Washington, Gretchen and other friends from the Alliance for Natural Health will assist us in coordinating meetings with key political figures who are beneficial to our cause.

I am so thankful to serve my patients, community and ICIM and be a part of the great happenings in our profession.

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