Friday, November 4, 2016

What is so international about International College of Integrative Medicine?
I asked that question when I started working here 10 years ago. The answer I got went something like this: we may not have a lot of international members, but we pursue therapies and thought processes that are beyond a country of origin. We think internationally.  I have seen that play out as ICIM has consistently brought speakers to our meetings from across the globe. Members and friends from Japan, Denmark, Ecuador, Turkey, Germany, Greece, England, France, Mexico, Brazil, Nigeria, India, Cuba, and The Netherlands have graced our meetings. Board member Simon Yu has a strong desire to see ICIM grow beyond our borders. In Chicago, he introduced a new international scholarship, a large donation to ICIM for the purpose of off-setting costs so that more people from countries outside the US can be with us. We will maintain that scholarship into the future, and we welcome additional donations to keep it growing strong.

Our community has enjoyed retreats in Mexico and Costa Rica. In September 2016 we’ll meet in Toronto, one of the most “international” cities in the world. Our long term planning team has sights set on Cuba sometime in the near future. We are nurturing relationships with new integrative medicine associations in Canada, Turkey and Nigeria. We look forward to having the honor of affiliating beyond our borders for many years to come. -

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