Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Love Notes from "Treating the Impossible"

I wanted to let you  and the ICIM group know how much I enjoyed it.  For the first time in 15 years of practice, I can honestly say it was a truly integrated conference. Being able to sit at lunch or dinner or mingle on a break with MDs, DOs, NDs, NPs and others to discuss the days topics and lectures was truly awesome.  AND, I brought home thoughts and ideas that I was able to immediately implement into my practice.  I am looking forward to attending more in the future so keep up the good work!  –Ann Sura ND

Dear Wendy,
Theresa and I were pleased to participate in the ICIM conference at the Dearborn Inn last weekend and I wish to thank you for making it possible.  I believe our message was well received by those attending the conference and I hope that will translate to more utilization of our laboratory services. 
-Phil H

Dear Wendy,
It was a pleasure to be there.  Everyone in your organization is genuine, cordial and extremely helpful.  I look forward to working with you more.
Jama Lambert
Education and Marketing Director

I really enjoyed the conference and learned so much, and of course, it was really a pleasure  to meet you and many others. I really enjoyed the conference and learned so much, and of course, it was really a pleasure  to meet you and many others.
Have a great day, Maria Staab

Please let me know how we may assist you in the future. I look forward to hearing from the members of ICIM and beginning a long term relationship with all of you. I truly appreciate the education and resources that you are providing for everyone about integrative medicine. You are doing a wonderful job! Talk to you soon. -Bonnie, from Master Supplements

By the way, I want to tell you what a pleasure it is to work with you and your organization. Your group is by far the most exhibitor-friendly and helpful. There is an entirely different tone to your programs that is positive and inclusive. We really do appreciate you, Anne Hendrickson

Dear Wendy,
This is a letter of sincere appreciation to the Board and you for kindly providing a most generous scholarship for the recent meeting “Treating the Impossible” in Dearborn, MI.
I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the meeting. Everyone was most helpful and friendly. You have a wonderful group, and a very enthusiastic one! In addition to all this, the material presented will be most useful to my practice. I am seriously considering attending the meeting in Lexington next Spring.
Dr. Anna Gladstone is scheduled to visit our clinic in October.
Thank you again, Wendy, and may the Lord bless all of your efforts with success and happiness.
Sincerely, Marvin D. Anderson, M.D.

Thank you Wendy! Very informative conference and wonderful hotel
            Sincerely, Mary Newport  
The warmth and friendliness of attendees and the effort made by ICIM to help booths be successful
                -An Exhibitor on why ICIM is different from other conferences

Really enjoyed the hotel and the price was right.
                -An Attendee on The Dearborn Inn as the location for the most recent ICIM conference

ICIM is superior in developing non-promotional perspectives of technologies.
                -An Attendee

Dr. Ng—Enthusiasm, clarity in speech/ideas, openness to others and new ideas.  Just great energy.
                -An Attendee

Gerald Harris—unassuming, informative
                -An Attendee

One of the best meetings yet!  I loved the format—it really worked well; made it easier to focus on the speakers.
                -An Attendee

Cutting edge, practical information in a supportive, collegial environment.
                -An Attendee on ICIM conferences

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