Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Conference Offers New Hope for Medical Challenges: “Treating the Impossible”

ICIM is excited to welcome physicians to their fall meeting, featuring lecturers foremost in the field of “Treating the Impossible” with effective, innovative modalities.

 “Why Treat the Impossible?” If it is impossible, why try to treat it? Physicians go into medicine to help people reduce suffering. Yet often, patients are told by doctors that there is no treatment for them, or that the only treatment is expensive and may not be effective. This weekend we will show what to offer these patients. Lectures will focus on understanding multiple strategies for approaching challenging cases and strategies for better care for all patients.

Join in Dearborn, MI Sept 22-25 on the grounds of the Henry Ford Museum for the most inspiring meeting you’ve ever attended. Please see www.IntegrativeMedicineConference.com for registration and more information.

For this conference, we’ve found treatment options for a host of conditions for which there is no satisfying conventional solution.  
Diana Christoff Quinn ND A Naturopathic Approach to Addressing Chronic Inflammation
Robin Bernhoft MD Treating the Impossible; A Case Study of Complex Environmental Sensitivity
Tom O’Bryan DC Dietary Influence on Autoimmune and Chronic Disease
Simon Yu MD When Medical Therapies Fail: Acupuncture, Bio-Cybernetics and Energy Medicine to detect Hidden Parasites and Dental Problems
Cancer Forum Rick Linchitz MD, Rick Mason DO, Elizabeth Vaughn MD, Martin Dayton MD, DO
David Hubbard MD Treating Multiple Sclerosis with the Zamboni Method
Richard Ng MD Oxidative Therapy for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Other Conditions
Mary Newport MD Ketones as an Alternative Fuel for the Alzheimer’s Brain
Natalie Moulton-Levy MD Integrative Approaches to Dermatological Disease
Gerald Harris MD Treating Chronic Pain with Neural Therapy

Lead-in workshops Thursday, September 22:
1. “Medical Possibilities for the Impossible” (including information on micronutrient testing and protandim study, peripheral stem cell therapy and medical-legal supports) with ICIM member Daniel Royal MD
2. “Expanding Allergy Care: Science and Strategies for Introducing Sublingual Immunotherapy to your Patients” with Darlene Winham, RN and Jim Luzader
3.  “Technological Innovations in Mind-Body Medicine and Biofeedback” with Dr. John Anthony Hache ND, PhD

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