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A Historic Overview of ICIM

Introduction: Why ICIM?
 By Victoria Woods-Yee

What is the need for an organization like ICIM?  What is ICIM’s role for the future and how does it help its members?  While looking through ICIM’s files and the files of it’s predecessor organizations, I came across an American Academy of Medical Preventics Membership 100/100 speech written by Dr. Conrad G. Maulfair, Jr., D.O. in the Summer of 1985.

Dr. Maulfair suggests that when doctors come together, there is more safety. Physicians feel more courage to do integrative therapies (such as chelation). If more physicians are doing integrative therapies, there are more satisfied patients to spread the word.  This increases public awareness of these therapies and makes it more difficult for critics and adversaries to eliminate this healing work members are doing.  More people performing studies and observations in their clinical practices create support for physicians in small towns who feel opposition from local colleagues.  Medical Associations that focus on Integrative Medicine help small town physicians gather strength and practice what they believe and what they have seen work to help their patients.

His words ring true for ICIM.  Our founding members saw a need for an organization to help inform and encourage each other. They explored controversial issues.  They created a legal support group of members who had successfully fought off attack by regulatory agencies. They were called GLACM (Great Lakes Association of Clinical Medicine), GLCCM (Great Lakes College of Clinical Medicine, Inc.), and now ICIM. Their reasons to come together are relevant for today and the future.

We need each other for support, courage, and friendship.  Members share ideas for promoting their services for people seeking holistic care.  We offer semi-annual programs to present alternative treatments to be explored and applied in clinical practice.  Not only are these conferences informative, they have a fun, friendly, family-oriented atmosphere.

Says Conrad Maulfair,“I met a classmate of mine from medical school at our last meeting.  I hadn’t seen him since graduation.  He had heard about chelation therapy and came to see what it was all about.  He has always been an innovative physician and was excited about what he saw and heard.  I noticed awhile ago while looking through the membership statistics that he was not current with his dues.  In fact, he did not officially join.  I called him and asked him why.  He told me he was indeed excited about chelation therapy, has had a number of patients who have had treatments elsewhere and were anxious for him to begin.  However, he felt so pressured by local physicians in his South Dakota town that he was afraid to do chelation therapy in his office.  Those are the physicians that need our support.  They need a strong academy.  They need the support of scientific studies.”

Dr. Maulfair’s story illustrates clearly why the work of ICIM remains valid, necessary for today’s world.  We sharpen each other’s knowledge.  We at ICIM are a nurturing, supportive family of professionals.  This is why our College exists.  This is why ICIM.

A Historic Overview of ICIM
Compiled by Victoria Woods-Yee

Early Beginnings

With the International Academy of Preventive Medicine going more public and other organizations looking for direction, a small group of physicians ostensibly in the Midwest, got together under James M. Nutt, D.O., to form a study group which was to become Office Practice Seminars.  The initials of the group, O.P.S., were selected partially because of the contributions and books of Paul Williamson, M.D. and pioneering work of Olen Parmeter, both of whom added to preventive practical medicine.

This group (Office Practice Seminars) would meet annually through 1976, in nice hotels in the midwest, sometimes surrounded by blizzards and after the meeting playing with the then new toy of snowmobiles.  We had our own band with a vocalist that performed at every seminar....

….With the advent of CME, and the burdens of one or two people running a meeting which had attracted nineteen displayers and up to one-hundred-eighty-six persons for dinner, the group, like many seminar groups, was put on hold.  Several of the more active members, however, continued to meet on an informal basis annually to discuss the latest developments in preventive medicine.  Some of them worked with ThermaScan Inc., which was owned and operated by Phil Hoesktra, Ph.D., an ardent advocate preventive medicine.  In 1982, the group reorganized and founded the Great Lakes Association of Clinical Medicine (GLACM).  This was done at the Sheraton-Hopkins Hotel in Cleveland, Ohio.

GLACM has evolved into a dynamic group of approximately one-hundred physicians that complement the work of ACAM…Two of the main accomplishments include the establishment of an on-going Institutional Review Board that reviews research of physicians from around the country, an active Scientific Advisory Committee, headed by James Careter, M.D., of Tulane University.  “The Beginnings of An Alternative” James M. Nutt, D.O.

From 1975, Dr. Jim Nutt held office practice seminars, and Dr. Hoekstra (Senior) would hold meetings that were educational and informative and not designed to be commercial, they merged together and the nucleus of GLACM was formed.  Most of the doctors were at that time from Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana.  Most of the doctors were only a couple of hundred miles apart and could meet to speak together in an open forum in which they all learned and everyone contributed.  “An Interview with Philip Hoekstra, II”


Several months ago, a patient came into my office very irate.  Her 4 year old son received about $200 worth of treatment at our office for pneumonia.  Before bringing in her son, she talked to her insurance company and a hospital about admittance.  The estimated cost was $5, 000.  The insurance company had no argument with the hospital admittance, but refused to pay the $200 fee from the medical office that treated without hospitalization and drugs.  She brought in the attached petition and asked that we distribute it.  So far we have over 15.  Copies of the petitions are to be presented to the insurance company that denied the $200 payment and to the state insurance commissioner.  Albert J. Scarchilli, D.O.

The Medical Licensing Board of Indiana again attempted to limit the use of EDTA.  A Public Hearing was scheduled for June 25, 1987.  I asked Greg Seeley to represent our interests on this matter.  The public hearing was cancelled and the Rule presented was withdrawn.  A new rule shall be drafted and republished to include a “informed consent” provision, and a new public hearing will be set, the date not yet scheduled.  (Interestingly enough, this is what we proposed, but ignored two years ago, at which time Indiana Governor Orr vetoed the proposed ruling).  RESULT….Again our unified efforts prevented a potential disaster.  This is why GLACM is important to all of us and needs new MEMBERS.  When our members need help—GLACM is there!  Albert J. Scarchilli, D.O.

Due to the chaos of the present medical system of treating only the after effects, parts of the government are now looking for alternatives.  Attached is an announcement in the American Medical News.  We plan to make a presentation of the advantages of our procedures at the Detroit meeting on March 3 and 4.  If any of you have any ideas or would like to make a presentation, please let me know.  This will be an item of discussion at our IX Congress in February.  James M. Nutt, D.O. 


An unmitigated success is the only way to describe the XII International Congress of GLACM held at the Amway Grand Plaza….Three and a half foreign countries were represented:  Canada, Belgium, and Switzerland.  New member John Trowbridge attended from the “1/2” foreign country.  Do you remember the Lone Star State used to be an independent country with embassies before they became part of the United States?  “Great Lake Gazette”

Warren DeLano met with Vic Eichler of the Fetzer Foundation to discuss the possible partnership of GLACM and FF.  The proposal from James Carter and Terry Chappell for funding of our research into energy medicine is being rewritten in light of the change of direction of FF.  “Great Lake Gazette”


Our Saturday evening banquet promises to be a real bash as we stage our first ever Hawaiian Luau featuring Hualanis’ Polynesian Revue, including Dick Tapert on the vibraphone.  “Great Lake Gazette”

Why were we originally organized?  In late fall of 1982, we informally banded together to stop the attack of Frackelton’s Chelation.  It worked.  So, in August 1983, we laid the groundwork for GLACM.  Warren C. DeLano

Lee Hoekstra is back from rainy Florida enjoying the great climate near Lake Huron.  She is looking forward to seeing everyone at the fall meeting.  “Susie Sez”


In addition to the original five great lakes as recognized by Rand McNally, GLACM over the years has added Lake Atlantica, Lake Pacifica, Lake Mexicalli, Lake Mississippi, and Lake Champlayne.  Now Lake Meade must be added.  This should be a challenge to all cartographers.  Jack Hank

The Great Lakes Association of Clinical Medicine, INC. became a sponsor of The American Board of Chelation Therapy.

Continent tromping Bill Faber spoke at FAIM recently, as well as being on the Gary Null, Robert Atkins, and Tom Valentine radio shows, maybe Johnny Carson is next?  “Suzie Sez”

In 1986, Dr. Grant Born, with teaching experience of ten years embarked on a program to teach all ACAM doctors, who would listen, laser surgery.  It seemed only natural that preventive doctors with large geriatric populations would have a built-in market for the new emerging field of laser surgery.

He convinced the laser company that indeed there was a market for CO2 lasers in the ACAM group.  Next he organized a series of laser seminars on cruise ships.  Each course would last a week.  The participants initially started with clay models, felt, and inanimate objects.  The physicians then progressed to lesions on each other and then to passengers on the ship—there were passengers standing in line!  On one such cruise, in January of 1987, the American Society of General Laser Surgery was founded.  Dr. Born was the President.  The group has about 40 members and meets semi-yearly for informal educational “think tank” meetings.  The group was the original and only formal professional association for the improvement and furtherance in laser surgery for gynecology, proctology, and dermatology.   Grant Born, D.O.

Aubrey Wolf spend the holidays with a heating pad on his lower back.  Understand he is shuffling along better.  “Suzie Sez”

Jay Brogan got stopped by security at the Amway Grand Plaza to have his picture taken in front of the Christmas Tree.  He had a little red wagon attached to his wheelchair.  You’ll have to ask him what happened many years before when he got stopped with the same type of vehicle.  “Suzie Sez”


Dr. Carter was elected to life membership and appointed as Research Advisor to the Great Lakes Association for Clinical Medicine (GLACM) in September 1988.  Since then, he has faithfully attended quarterly meetings of the Scientific Advisory Committee and the Institutional Review Board (IRB), of which he is a founding member—each time contributing his vast academic and research experience to help eclectic clinicians design better research protocols.  John Parks Trowbridge, M.D.

First GLACM President Jack Slingluff missed the Ritz at Dearborn because of varicella.  “Suzie Sez”

John and Sabrina Trowbridge had another baby girl, Lyndi Kendyll on May 7, 1992.  Congratulations!  “Suzie Sez”

Ruth Walkotten attended a culposcopic seminar while the head of  “On the Take” Video Productions Cathy Prenket visited with Mickey at Mouse World.  “Suzie Sez”

“The Great Lakes Association of Clinical Medicine has made great strides in the past few years by petitioning the NIH and receiving certification to do Institutional Board Reviews of well thought out, scientifically designed research projects.  It is one thing to be a clinical observer within ones office and know that a particular therapy is beneficial but is another thing to fit within the accepted scientific community and demonstrate with statistical methodology to our usually unbelieving fellow “docs” that what we are doing works and why.  It comes to my attention that if we work within the system we have greater credibility and are better able to achieve our goals than running amuck and doing things only because we think we should be.”  Ted Rozema, M.D.


Retired Executive Director Emeritus Warren DeLano will be using his MBA in the Far East as a member of the Peace Corps.  “Suzie Sez”

GLACM was forged on an Autumn day in 1983 at the Sheraton-Hopkin’s Conference Table.  The Purpose:  Provide the best medical technologies for patient’s continued good health, and to protect their rights and those of their physicians to be able to deliver the same.  Ted Rozema, M.D. 

Ed Torrance and his wife MJ chased white balls around Ertha’s saintly island;  while Aubrye Wolf and his friend Lucy, basking in the Hawaiian Sun, playing with his leie or is it liei, and sipped Absolut Pina Colladas.  “Suzie Sez”

Planned Topics for the Technician Seminar at the Ritz Carlton, Cleveland, OH September 17-18, 1993:
-    Assisting your doctor in diagnosing and treatment of Pain Problems
-    How to effectively collect overdue accounts
-    Non invasive diagnostic testing
-    Basics & applications of Therapeutic Touch
-    Energizing Procedures—How to respond.
-    A review of OSHA requirements and updates.
-    Review of I.V. Therapies and Protocol
-    Nutrition—Specifically Fats & Oils
-    Laboratory testing & charting in relationship to I.V. Therapy.
-    Synopsis of Conspiracy in Organized Medicine
-    Office Management—Effectively working together—Team Work.
-    Insurance Updates and Problem Solving.
-    Candida and Chronic Fatigue Updates.

“Our organization grows not only in number, but also in stature.  I believe this is a direct result of the purpose and direction of this organization has chosen –to search for ‘truths’ in their everyday practice.  Many of these treatments fly in the face of orthodox medicine, but we are happy to use them, and our patients are most grateful, for one simple reason – ‘They Work’.”  James Ventresco, Jr., D.O.

Concerned about few medical school courses in nutrition or alternative medicine…Art Koch is campaigning for GLACM to be a leader and fund such a chair at the newly established Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery., Erie, PA.  “Great Lakes Gazette”

Forty Something Goes Blind Dr. Kenneth Jernigan’s determination to find therapies that would “first of all, do no harm” led him to two of alternative medicine’s foremost authorities, Dr. Alan Gaby and Dr. Julian Whitaker.  “I have high hopes for chelation.   All people – blind or sighted – have a right to information about it, so if it makes sense to them, as it did to me.  No one should have to wait until they’re almost dead to find out.”  Arline Brecher


Past president Jack Slingluff, co-chairing a new committee with president elect Leo Modzinski, assisted by board member Robert Snider will be collaborating with an eastern university in producing the first CD-ROM on Chelation Therapy.  “Great Lakes Gazette”

Congratulations to Grant and Tammy Born on the release of the long awaited 700 patient study on 1 1/2 gms.  Also thanking Jonathan Collin of T.N.F.D. for publishing this original research paper.  “Great Lakes Gazette”

Jet setters Ed and Marily Torrance spend two weeks following the footsteps of Zeus, Paul, and John around the cradle of western civilization and the Bible.  “Great Lakes Gazette”

Membership Escalates: Whether it be from Pacific Rim countries, the Northern Border, the Caribbean, or even across the pond, Northern Hemispheres physicians have suddenly recognized the leadership of GLACM and are attending and joining this alternative medical group. North American members from Florida to Dakota’s the Carolina’s to Lake Meade recognize the leadership/training qualities, and are expanding/offering their training to other degreed individuals.  They being M.D.’s, D.O.’s, DVM’s, DDS’s, DC’s, ND’s, and DPM’s.  “Great Lakes Gazette”

Cake cutters Conrad and Colleen Maulfair along with Doug and Beth Fry expressed gratitude for the surprise of Friday night.  Best wishes and many, many years!  “Suzie Sez”

On July 1st, 1993, the Alternative Medicine Connection, the world’s first electronic BBS dedicated solely to networking the non-conventional medicine community, threw the switch and opened OnLine service to the world.  Arline Brecher

Overheated and perspiring, Jack Hank celebrated yet another Birthday in bed.  A friend?  NO, just then unfriendly flu.  There’s always next year.  “Suzie Sez”

Jim Ventresco and Gary Coller remain on pins and needles concerning their national exams for certification in family practice.  Gary and Sherri have moved to the town noted for wooden shoes—wonder if they have been fitted yet.  “Suzie Sez”

Past President Terry Chappell and Ralph Miranda are to be congratulated for pulling off “THE SUMMIT”, a dream of many Loons and Lakers of the past four years.  “Suzie Sez”


Great Lakes members, at their meeting in Cincinnati during late February, voted to endorse the Heimlich maneuver as the first response to aid a victim of drowning.  Although this might seem an obvious step—get water out of the lungs so you can get air in—GLACM became the first medical professional organization to make this endorsement.  “Great Lakes Gazette”

At the February GLACM meeting, Hank (Heimlich) related the encouraging results that one year after treatment with malariatherapy, the first two HIV positive patients continued to show a significant increase in immune killer cells.

Anyone disgusted with federal money spent on “absurd, wasteful research with no results,” as described in a briefing by the Citizens Commission on Human Rights, can rejoice in the research projects that merit GLACM IRB approval.  These treatments which include chelation, reconstruction, oxidative and nutritional therapies are clearly ones that make sick people better, are safe and cost effective.

No wonder that GLACM’s IRB has become a model for other medical associations who wish to institute a similar process.  Jane Heimlich

An all-star roster of experienced legislative activists mad P.R.A.I.D. (Patients’ Rights Advocacy Initiative Day) – the first-ever conference devoted to “training the grass roots troops”, a huge success.  Congratulations are in order for the GLACM leadership and members for their sponsorship of this trailblazing effort at building support for Alaska-style freedom of medical access legislation.  Arline Brecher 

REFORMING is what I think we could use—but not the way the government has in mind.  Here’s the deal:  lots of healthcare professionals have doctorate degrees.  We know about M.D. and D.O. degrees, D.D.S. and D.M.D. degrees, even D.C. and D.P.M degrees.  What might sometimes escape us, though, is the contribution to patient care that is made (daily!) by people having Ph.D., D.Sc., N.D., Pharm. D., and other degrees, their input in helping solve people’s problems is very real, whether or not we give credence to it….

Here’s the best thing of all, for GLACM:  our membership ranks could swell with new dentists, chiropractors, podiatrists, naturopaths, pharmacists, Ph.D. “doctors” and others who would finally find a home with allopathic and osteopathic physicians who value their input enough to embrace them as organizational colleagues.  That means more membership and meeting monies, bigger projects that we could sponsor, more impact we could make.  John Parks Trowbridge M.D.

The Institutional Review Board welcomed new members to the board, Garry Gordon, Russell Jaffe, and Frances Greenway.  "Great Lakes Gazette" 

ABCT  The American Board of Chelation Therapy offers both the Written and Oral Examinations.  To become certified by the ABCT, both of these examinations are offered during the GLACM Meetings.  GLACM is one of the sponsoring organizations of ABCT.  The Written Examination is $500.00 and the Oral Examination is $400.00.  For further information, please contact GLACM’s Executive Director Jack Hank.  “Great Lakes Gazette”

GLACM has the only copies of the classic “The Scientific Basis of EDTA Chelation Therapy” by Bruce Halstead, M.D.  $35 each—Order from Jack Hank.  “Great Lakes Gazette”

GLACM is calling for interested members to participate in a “Logo Contest”.  All entries should be submitted to Ted Rozema, M.D.  The lucky winner will receive free registration at one GLACM Meeting.  “Great Lakes Gazette”


Excerpted from:  The Curse of Being an Alternative Medicine Physician
Alternative physicians gather together to explore, learn and advance their knowledge and techniques of practice.  What a difference from the days when we graduated from our respective Alma Maters convinced we had all the answers.  Today, we shake our heads and comment, “there is so much to learn and so little time.”

The comradeship experienced during the Great Lakes meeting is extraordinary.  Here is a group of physicians sitting, hour after hour, listening to lectures and when the end of the day comes, gathering around various speakers or in groups of each other to converse and review what had been presented that day.  A far cry from most medical meetings when the choice of a restaurant for the evening becomes the main topic.  William J. Mauer, D.O.

The Chicago Great Lakes Association of Clinical Medicine, INC (GLACM) meeting hosted the March 1, 1996 kickoff meeting of Citizens for Medical Freedom (CMF).  Advocacy of medical freedom of choice for patients and physicians drew an enthusiastic capacity crowd to the meeting.  Some patients stated that they had been searching for a group like CMF for over twenty years.  Others offered their services for fund-raising events.  Some related their experiences as “survivors of allopathic medicine.”
“Great Lakes Gazette”

Dr. Jim Nutt was presented a plaque during the XXV International Congress of GLACM.
“Great Lakes Gazette”

What’s in a Name?  Several members have suggested that we consider changing the name of GLACM reflecting our membership which is now throughout the United States and also in Australia and Indonesia.  Your Board of Directors requests that each member give thought to this and send your suggestions to our executive director.  Bear in mind if there is to be a new name, it should have the word “COLLEGE” within its title for eventual recognition as a teaching body.  “Great Lakes Gazette”


Here’s a ‘heads-up’ for computer-savvy GLCCM (Great Lakes College of Clinical Medicine, INC.) doctors who recognize an opportunity:  this is a first invitation to join the ARxC Holistic Health panel and participate in on-line reader support to respond to the mail inquiries that have gotten out of hand.  Docs who are interested in participating (and becoming Cyber Famous), can e-mail for details to  Arline Brecher

Don’t go away grumpy!  Check out the all-new Smiley’s Place ( ) where Dr. Manu’ and Dr. Ho-ho-holistic (aka Jim Nutt) are co-humor-meisters.  The initial offering—Frequently Asked Questions about HMO’s—is worth a whole month’s access fees.  Check it out!  “Great Lakes Gazette”

Make your reservations today—Deadline is 2-10-98 Coronado Springs Hotel at Disneyworld, Orlando, Florida.  Disneyworld is exceptionally strict about cut off dates, so don’t delay.  “Great Lakes Gazette”

The “natural forces” at work today are the general public who are fed up with high medical costs and baby boomers who see no light at the end of the tunnel and government regulation to name a few.  We in GLCCM should be proud of our efforts to keep the momentum heading toward alternatives and free choice.  I am proud to be part of this organization that does this through our IRB (Investigative Review Board), SAC (Scientific Advisory Committee) and our Board of Directors with persistence in premium educational programs.  Leo Modzinski, D.O.

Well deserved recognition is overdue to individuals who have worked tirelessly to secure a brighter future for physicians and patients.  Some are familiar names—others you probably don’t know, but here are our nominees for 1997’s “Two Thumbs Up” awards—distinguished soldiers on the front lines of our ongoing health freedom.  Heading up our list…..(drum roll, please)….Mike Evers, Monica Miller, John Hammell, Bill Chatfield, Jane Orient, MD, Dr. Richard Ash, and Michael Rosenbloom.  “Great Lakes Gazette”


The September GLCCM meeting in Grand Rapids is shaping up to be an exciting weekend of lectures and camaraderie.  We will be honored by distinguished speakers like Dr. Martin Rubin, Dr. Russ Jaffe, Dr. San Chachoua, and many others.  Also, that weekend will be the grand opening of the new Born Preventative Health Care Clinic.  You will be invited to an open house.  We are anxious to see you in Grand Rapids!  Program Chairman Tammy Geurkink, D.O.

Book Review:  Milk, The Deadly Poison by Robert Cohen: While Monsanto Chemical rakes in untold millions and dairy farmers are asking for more support for milk from cows which are receiving BST, the public has only recently been made aware of the dangers of this highly advertised, highly touted “all around” food:  it is a time bomb of 42 hormones and dangerous contaminants. With the forward by GLCCM’s own Jane Heimlich, the remaining 317 pages are exceedingly well documented, referenced and indexed.  Although it talks about cow’s milk, the same holds true for goat, llama, and other milks that are available throughout the world.  “Great Lakes Gazette”

XXXI International Congress March 10-14, 1999 Grove Park Inn Asheville, NC  “Functional Considerations in the Management of Neuroendocrine and Female Hormone Imbalances” This is a no-smoking meeting and out of consideration for those people who are chemically sensitive, GLCCm requests that attendees voluntarily forgo use of scented toiletries.  “Great Lakes Gazette”


At the Saturday night banquet (Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC), we were pleasantly entertained by Bo’s Bluegrass Band.  I was surprised to see Dr. Wilson jump on the stage and play the fiddle with the bluegrass band.  He was great!  Good job John!  Along with the band we were treated to a performance by the Dixie Darlin’s Cloggers.  A group of talented and energetic dancers.  John restrained himself and did not join the cloggers.  William D. Mitchell, D.O.

In all, the IRB oversees 21 single site studies and 12 multi centered studies.  The FDA has reviewed the IRB twice, finding that everything is in compliance.  “Great Lakes Gazette”

When a project is approved, the fact that it has been approved, and been reviewed by IRB, then conveys a certain amount of protection to the members who are participating as clinical investigators.  “Great Lakes Gazette” 

GLCCM has entered into a contractual agreement with is a new amalgamation of 36 AM & FM medical radio programs.  The programs are medical in nature and deal with alternative medicine. will refer the telephone number of GLCCM to its audience for referrals to physicians.  GLCCM will refer it members to callers seeing alternative physicians in their area.  The Board accepted this opportunity with alacrity feeling it will enhance the value of your membership in GLCCM.  “Great Lakes Gazette”

Daria Madison will be honored as she retires from many years of working with Dr. Frackelton and in assisting me since the beginning of the technician program.  For all tech’s who have attended previous seminars a special invitation is extended to attend this seminar as we honor Daria for her many years of service.  Come and join us in the festivities!  Barb Grunewald


I believe we have been given special insight into the practice of medicine and with that insight comes increased responsibilities.  “To whom much is given, much is required”—applies to us.  Remember to use your talents and insights for the good of your patients and for the momentum of our mission.  We are here to make a difference and we shouldn’t be complacent.  Dr. Tammy Born

When a State Medical Licensing Board decides to investigate/regulate/examine/scrutinize or what have you chelation therapy is it:  A Because the Board wants to protect the public because they believe chelation doesn’t work, OR B They want to protect their pocket books because they fear it does work?  Everyone who voted B has just qualified for membership in BoardWatch—the new grassroots movement begun in Florida with the goal of reforming Medical Licensing Boards.  Arline Brecher

The prospect of a new name—to recognize our evolving national and even global theme—will be entertained, with suggestions sought from members.  GLCCM Board Meeting

I want you to remember about my mission and message as president of GLCCM, it is that you must become politically active.  We must communicate our message of hope for our patients.  Dr. Tammy Born 

If this membership oriented agenda appeals to you, come join us to make sure we ALL benefit from such a vibrant, useful organization.  Robert Battle, M.D.

Having been past president of Great Lakes and now president of ACAM, I can relate to you that there is a great difference in these two organizations.  The largest difference is in the attitude of the board and members toward each other and willingness to pull together in times of strife and need.  It is a pleasure to work with the board of Great Lakes.  Ted Rozema

We are undergoing both a transition and re-evaluation of GLCCM.  I am happy to announce the appointment of our new Executive Director, Barbara Grunewald.  Jack Hank, our past Executive Director, has been awarded Honorary Membership in appreciation of his past contributions.  Jack will remain on the Board of Directors as an advisor.  Arline Brecher, author of “Forty Something Forever,” has accepted the position of Marketing, Promotion, and Publicity Manager.  John Trowbridge is our new Editor for the GLCCM Gazette.  Gary Coller has accepted the position of Web Chairman to work with Arline Brecher.  Al Scarchilli, D.O.

We would like to share with you the excitement and zest for the practice of medicine we’ve found in the Great Lakes College of Clinical Medicine.  GLCCM has a long history of teaching innovative medicine, stimulating research, and serving as a support group for both doctors and their staffs.  The college is dedicated to providing you with information about safe, effective treatments in a healing atmosphere that is financially rewarding to you while free from third-party hassles—in essence, all you need to be extremely helpful to your patients and well satisfied in your role as healer.  Robert Battle, M.D.


September 2000 GLCCM decided to update itself.  Barbara Grunewald became the Executive Director.  The new Public Relations director was Arline Brecher.  Dr. Al Scarchill became the new president.  By 2001, the organization had changed its name to International College of Integrated Medicine.  

Welcome to the International College of Integrative Medicine, the newest shining star on the horizon of medical practice in our modern era.  "ICIM Gazette" 

"Don't misunderstand," Dr. C.(Terry Chappell) stated - "we're not out to be the
biggest organization of our kind, but the best.  We've listened carefully to what members of our  community need and want.  We've found today's health professionals are struggling with  escalating conference costs, finding it difficult to decide which conferences are really  worth attending, and which associations will give them the biggest 'bang for the buck'.  No question - it's going to be us." ...ICIM has established a Legal Eagle support group of members who have successfully fought off attack by regulatory agencies....Most licensed health professionals are at a tremendous disadvantage when singled out, since available legal help is often at a loss as to how best to proceed.  ICIM's Legal Eagle support team can fill that void - by sharing their real-life experiences to those trying to stay afloat in unfamiliar waters....

Not new agenda:
-accredited training courses in chelation therapy
-multi-skilled, tech-staff courses at conferences in administrative and clinical areas,  including IV technician certification
-publishing carefully documented consensus reports on controversial reports that meeting  guidelines of critical medical societies
-dedication to democratic process and pledges to include members in all vital decisions  effecting their practices
-"...there's ICIM's well-earned reputation as a truly inclusive, family-friendly  association.  Newcomers will always enjoy the same warm welcome as long-time members."
“From ICIM Offers New Agenda for Discerning Docs” Arline Brecher

"We have been trained as "conventional" physicians, learning well the accepted diagnostic and treatment protocols.  And with these, we integrated the best of modern medical technologies, moving the new knowledge from research reports into practical programs that change patients lives.  We offer more than an "alternative" choice.  We do more than just "complement" usual medical care.  In reality, we "integrate" tried-and-true conventional medical care and the newest information available from research conducted by medical schools and clinical practitioners from around the world.  Hence, our new name."  “ICIM Gazette”

ICIM plans to be the most valuable society to which you belong.  With your help and contributions, your newsletter will become a source of information and idea that make your patients better, your life easier, and your practice more fulfilling. Help us come up with a newsletter name and format that works best for you.  Send in your ideas and you’ll automatically be entered into our NAME THE NEWSLETTER CONTEST.  $50 cash to the winner.  Send your entries to Gary Coller, D.O.  “ICIM Gazette”

Inside the Board Meeting:  No cocktails and cigars.  No fancy dinners.  Your working Board has spend (way too many!) hours in meetings, designing programs and plans to meet your needs.  Off the drawing board and now underway are plans for streamlining our bylaws to give the membership a stronger voice.  “ICIM Gazette”

How much easier could it be for your patients to find doctors to treat their friends and family elsewhere?  Just have them point their internet browser to"ICIM Gazette" 


Mary Jo Sudick has retired as staff program coordinator.  Congratulations and a great Big “Thank you” for all your help in the past.  Marcia Arnold RN, has graciously accepted the position of Staff Program Co-coordinator with the assistance of Patti McCormick RN, PhD. Of the Ohio Academy of Holistic Health Inc. and Barb Grunewald, Executive Director of ICIM.  CEU’s will be awarded to all Staff attendees.  Please remember to sign in at the CEU desk.  “ICIM Gazette”


I have heard many comments about how great the positive energy was at our meeting in Houston March 12-16.  We had many new faces, including docs and exhibitors.  The speakers were fantastic.  We have recaptured the spirit of our early days when the attendees came together for the unifying purpose of helping each other find new and better ways to help our patients.  The By-laws changes welcoming Affiliate and International members passed unanimously.  We are beginning to work cooperatively to insure that patients across the country have the Freedom to benefit from integrative medicine from physicians like ourselves and to spread the word about how effective our treatments can be.  L. Terry Chappell, M.D.


ICIM began as the Great Lakes Association of Clinical Medicine in 1981 out of the stimulating informal meetings called by Jim Nutt.  It evolved through the years as a sister organization to American College for Advancement in Medicine.  Our strength at ICIM has always been that we are a smaller community sharing innovative ideas that can help our patients right away, research, protection, and practice management.

 I was elected President in 2002.  The first thing I did was be sure that we had a great Board of Directors.  Then with considerable help from our exhibitors, we liquefied our debt.  We tried to arrange a merger with American Association of Environmental Medicine, but in the end ICIM remained independent.

Our time of transition continued. We hired Wendy as our new Executive Director, and many good things have happened since.  We have excellent By-laws, written Policies and Procedures, money in the bank, great meetings with CME credits, political action through American Association of Health Freedom, regular legal updates from Al Augustine, an excellent website, and a vision for the future.

The time has come for an infusion of new ideas and what some people call the “Creative Tension” of a transition.  After this meeting John Trowbridge, Tammy Born, Ted Rozema (3 past presidents), Jim Carter, and Rene Blaha will no longer serve as Directors. I am stepping down as President. There will be a great opportunity for our new Directors and officers to assess anew where we are today and move us closer to our vision.
We will move forward by initiative, leadership, hard work, and reaching out to all of our members, both old and new, to make ICIM better yet and a welcome professional home to all of us.   L. Terry Chappell, Presidents Report October 2008

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