Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tribute to Josephine Aronica

My Colleague and Friend
by Jack Slingluff, DO

We met at a seminar in 1975 and were immediately impressed with each 
other.  As a child, Jo suffered from polio and overcame the disease.  In 1962 she started to have vague symptoms of MS and by 1978 it had become full blown MS.  She graduated in 1964 from College of Pennsylvania with an MD degree.  By the way, her father had told her that women should not be doctors.  Well Jo, I am sure he was proud when you graduated.  Around 1983, Jo and I were two of the founding members of the Great Lakes group together.  In 1986, my wife Shirley and I stood up for Jo and Red at their wedding in Las Vegas.  We have remained good friends and colleagues over these many years. In June of this year, we joined our practices together in the hopes of educating a younger doctor to continue our practices.  Jo, I am proud to call you my colleague but mostly I am proud to call you my friend.

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