Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Meeting Memories

ICIM Mission Statement

We are physicians and other health professionals who offer advanced medical care, which combines the best of conventional medicine, preventative,
nutritional, and innovative health care. During the past century,
conventional medicine has restricted itself primarily to drugs and surgery,
which have frequent side effects and have proven to be only moderately
effective, especially with chronic diseases. We strive to raise the standard
of care in medicine by incorporating various techniques, disciplines and
philosophies from professional societies throughout the United States and
worldwide. Our goal is to improve healthcare for all patients.

ICIM Environmental Policy
ICIM will strive to protect our environment by abstaining from the use of chemicals, disposables and excessive paper waste whenever possible. We will
reduce, re-use and recycle. Recycled paper products and organic food will be purchased whenever economically feasible.

ICIM Menu Gold Standards:
To make our meetings a model of our health philosophy, providing safe, whole and delicious foods to all people with special needs.  To provide meals for vegan, gluten-free/dairy-free, and low carb diets and to accommodate other allergies or food sensitivities as needed.  To clearly label all food entrĂ©es with ingredient information that identifies special needs.  To lower our carbon footprint by requesting local, seasonal food.  To respect social justice by requesting Fair Trade coffee, tea and chocolate.  To avoid plastic and foam containers whenever possible, for health and environmental reasons.

Conflict Management
Small conflicts should first be resolved by the clarification of information between the parties involved. It is important that this be done without
sarcasm, name calling, accusations, or insults.
If conversations become inappropriate, they should be documented and brought before a designated mediator from the board to facilitate resolution and reconciliation between the parties.  When exterior controversial situations occur, all emails should first be documented and discussed within the appropriate departments of our organization. This dies not need to include political situations, only cases of interpersonal conflict. In extreme cases of conflict, the situation should be brought before the ethics committee for arbitration.

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